Spark Fiber is an affordable local internet provider, we provide reliable internet service up to 10Gbps.


Our Current Service Offerings

Up to 100 MBPS

for $39.99 per month

Up to 1000 MBPS

for $69.99 per month

WHY SparkFiber

Spark Fiber, LLC is an Internet Service Provider in Flint, Mi providing ludicrously fast internet speeds to Flint residents and small businesses. We believe in honest pricing and digital inclusion. Customer based desicions and amazing service are at the heart of everything we do here at Spark Fiber.


Flint's First Mile


Spark Fiber is proud to announce that Flint's first mile of residential fiber optic internet is up and servicing customers in the Central Park neighborhood. This landmark occasion is a big step forward towards Spark Fiber's ultimate goal of building Flint a fiber backbone; it is an exciting time to be a Flint resident or business owner! Currently gigabit internet service is only available in a select few cities where it has led to giant leaps in safety, productivity, and quality of life. As Flint aims to grow into a 'smart' city Spark Fiber will be on the front lines providing locally-owned and ethically-priced access to tomorrow's most innovative technologies.

Spark Fiber`s 'Fiber to the Home' (FTTH) is a great new way to get you connected to the internet you love. Instead of using traditional copper wiring to transmit your internet traffic - which is cheaper to install and maintain, and therefore more appealing to big ISPs - we use high-quality glass fibers that can transmit more data at much higher speeds over longer distances. Fiber can handle all of your needs - in fact we have not hit an upper limit as far as total amount of data it is possible to send and receive via fiber. Fiber is also more reliable than standard copper cable connections - the lines are not susceptible to corrosion, and therefore are more resistant to weather and have a longer life.

Being the fastest and most reliable is key - but Spark Fiber is also thinking bigger. We want to empower our friends and neighbors to seize Flint's future and make it their own. Spark Fiber believes that "digital inclusion" - providing the means for people of all walks of life to get connected to the global web community and its diverse opportunities - is more than just the right thing to do; it is the single best investment we can make in our community. In that light we are focused not only on pioneering new technology in Flint but on increasing digital literacy, access, and innovation in our community. We currently partner with community learning groups to teach computer literacy, Internet safety, networking, and coding to Flint's next generation of entrepreneurs, workers, inventors, and artists. We also work with local businesses to craft internet solutions that increase efficiency and promote growth in Flint.

We're here to stay - to grow along with our friends and neighbors in this city we all call home. We invite you to give us a call or message us today and see what makes Spark Fiber the obvious choice for your fast, affordable connection needs.